Hello, this is my blog that I created for my BTMM 1701 Introduction to Media Technology course.  The purpose of this blog is to show the projects I was required to complete throughout the semester.  The instructor for the course is Dustin Morrow, and my lab instructor is Maria Sciarrino.  I am currently majoring in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, & Mass Media at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  While at Temple I hope to further my education in the various media/new media fields, but I am particularly interested in the recording industry. Before choosing the BTMM course of study, I completed several semesters in Temple’s Fox School of Business and plan to graduate with a minor in Marketing as well.

I am the youngest of four children, and was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania where I took up an interest sports at a very young age. In high school I was a letterman in basketball and track & field.  In addition to sports I had a mild interest in music. Before the age of 10 I was well on my way to becoming an extraordinary drummer. Under the tutelage of a local accomplished drummer I was learning and mastering the instrument at a rapid pace, however most of my time and attention seemed to shift elsewhere.  It was not until sophomore year in high school, when I renewed my interest in music. I spend most of my time re-discovering and learning music, and currently play the bass guitar, guitar, drums, and sometimes dabble on the piano.

When I am not attending to my full-time student duties I enjoy good times with friends, basketball, movies, concerts, the occasional book, listening to/studying music, and relaxing.


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